Rooms and price list

Sport hostel has at its disposal 4 rooms: 2 double rooms, 1 single room and 1 three-bed room with a bathroom.
In the hostel common area there are 2 showers, 2 toilets, kitchenette and sitting area.

Names of the rooms are taken from the names of posters and artists who created them. Thanks to the Sport Hostel I have had an opportunity to show, in my opinion, interesting works of young Polish poster designers.

Single room ZDROWIE 120zł / day

Single room with a common bathroom.

Double room RYSKI 160zł / day

A room meant for 2 persons. A common bathroom, a room with a balcony.

Double room NIEDZIELA 150zł / day

A room meant for 2 persons. A common bathroom.

3-bed room ŚWIATŁO 200zł / day

A room meant for 3 persons. A room with a bathroom.